[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]In today’s society, we don’t need to rely on hunting for daily survival.

For 75,000 years, humans have hunted and eaten meat to survive. Long enough to survive to advance civilization through the scientific revolution, the industrial revolution, the renaissance, modernism, post-modernism, to where we are today. We now exist in a time where eating meat is a manufactured service, animal agriculture is at an all time high, millions of people have the luxury and freedom to choose to be vegan by way of the conveniency of food accessibility in our society. This convenience, whatever diet you are on, is something incredibly foreign to the entire history of human civilization.

Morality aside, eating meat has been a vital part of the human experience and the survival of our species on this planet. Only recently, have we been advanced enough, accessible to alternative diets and given enough time to ponder the morality of meat eating. In my opinion, it’s a slap in th face to the rest of human civilization that came before us, who advanced our existence through survival long enough for us to have the luxury to debate the morality of eating meat.

Hunting is something not many people partake of in todays society. But, hunting is proven to effect the conservation of many animals.

Hunting, the act of sincerity for our food. The irony and tension of carving an animal up in the wild to forgo the desire to purchase a Big Mac at the nearest McDonalds drive-thru. The very act of engaging in primitive, archaic functions to rectify our very existence is, in itself, a form a metamodernism.

Hunting is least about the act of pulling a trigger and taking the life of animal. It’s about the renewing of ones spirit by being closely connected to the wilderness and participating in primitive rituals that we need not engage with in current society, but we choose to because of the fullfillment it brings. The notion that we can still be resourceful for ourselves in a culture that has everything on-demand. The idea that we can choose to exist outside of the animal agriculture industry to feed ourselves by way of the land.

Now, you might be saying, “Why not just go vegan/vegetarian?” I have. But for me, the fulfillment of my existence is about being connected to this earth in every way possible. For so long, hunting has been given this terrible, redneck, low-brow reputation; but I think this is wrong. I believe there is a much deeper respect and knowledge of our own mortality and existence when you take part in something that every animal on the planet engages in. There is something connected about it all and if you hunt, you know exactly what I am talking about – if you don’t hunt, then it’s hard to imagine the flood of emotions about life and death and love and respect when you take down an animal in the middle of the wilderness knowing this animal will sustain you for a long time.

Hunting is an art form. It takes skill, patience, perseverance on many levels to be able to successfully hunt your own food.

Hunting is art. Hunting has been around for centuries and even though we don’t need to hunt, the very act of hunting in society today is the exact tension and oscillation between how we should being living and how we used to live. This balance of both emotions, as a hunter, is metamodern.

Modernism and postmodernism do not apply. The dichotomy of the tension and intentional act of harvesting an animal in our refined and advanced society is the very tension that is driving and moving our society forward. Hunting today is not for survival. Hunting is a statement on our existence in the world, a powerful one at that.

*I choose to hunt for my food. I choose to eat a mostly vegan/vegetarian diet unless I have hunted my own food. I welcome any emails or conversation about this topic in an open and honest dialogue. I realize this is a heavy subject for many and I hope my post here has shed some light on why I live the way I do. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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