Metamodern Design

An outlook on the future of design // By Jordan Wayne Lee

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This book was written from a perspective over the past 13+ years of my experience working as a designer in both print and digital mediums across mobile, digital, web marketing, platform design, ux design, print design, brand identity design, responsive design, augmented reality design anvd environmental design for agencies, startups, global corporations, entrepreneurs, public figures, celebrities and entertainment companies.

Over the course of my career, I have worked across these various areas within design utilizing design thinking, processes and execution of work in collaboration with many others in the corporate global space, startups, small businesses and non-profits.

This writing serves as an exercise in thinking about design, the current landscape of design, and what might the future designer need to encompass for design to evolve and succeed amidst the changing global cultural landscape.

The idea of the term “metamodernism” serves as a framework to observe and describe a sensibility happening within culture.  The first half of this book discusses views on design and culture and the last half explores how the designer might approach the future of design related to these observations. Within these two sections, I try to describe and articulate the ideas around “metamodernism” and how we came to be within that movement today.

It’s been a long journey of success and failure within the work of design. This book is a collection of thoughts and observations collected over time through working on large and small design projects, leading teams, failing in startups, writing code, building apps, creating album art, designing brands and building platforms and campaigns for some of the biggest companies in the world.

This book doesn’t provide specific answers to become a great designer through practice and technique, but provokes you to think about the observations laid out to create a new place to observe, think and find new ways to apply design for the future.

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About the Author

Jordan Wayne Lee is an Emmy® Award Winning Designer, Certified Brand Specialist, Creative Director, Front-End Developer and Musician. 

“The world has rapidly changed. We exist in a complex technologically advanced world. And the future of business and brands will be more impacted by the influence of design, design strategy and design thinking around an approach where the evolution of branding is going to evolve with the evolution of consumer habits and expectations.”

– Metamodern Design, Jordan Wayne Lee

I envision a new path for design to think beyond the execution of the work. In which our work in design first begins with ourselves and that work becomes the starting point in which the future impact of our work emerges.

– Metamodern Design, Jordan Wayne Lee

I believe that in order to evolve design and exist outside of the current paradigm we have created through the design of the internet, digital economy and global connectivity, we must revisit our own individual values and make sense of the self once again to form new perspectives and realign our approach to design.

– Metamodern Design, Jordan Wayne Lee

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